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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
May as well use 40mm scope hols. Crush it flat which I think is about the best use for them and see his much surface area they remove. They effectively increase your depth of field as well. You may not see it on 30x or whatever you are using but on a high mag with a shallow depth of field it's noticeable.

If they are so wonderful at cutting down flare why don't they use them on any camera?

They're a supposed anti reflection device so people can't see the reflection off a scope. It's not meant for cutting down flare in a scope although that might be a by product. Drill a 40mm hole in your scope cap and it will probably do the same.

Just how heavy are the s&b shades????
Quite heavy rob , after all they are made of gold sprayed silver the inside of my sunshade is matt silver . as for the depth of field . i tried it out at 55 yards and it repeated that on 50 mag in VERY bright conditions . when one of the lads saw grandad with his new 60 mag March . he asked if it was a HAWKE . urrggg cannot be having that rob ??? HOLLY
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