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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
On the official score card it asks for type of gun and scope. It does not ask for guns and scopes.

Also, any second rifle would have to go through the chronograph.
Of course, would stand to reason it would have to be checked to be legal.

Originally Posted by rich View Post
My post wasn't directed at you, SR. You've read the kneeler saga so you'll know the kind of thing I was wishing against.
I know, but hadn't thought of that angle, thanks for the reply

Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
Seen someone range with one rig and shoot with another during a GP.
Hmmm, not having shot at any GPs, (have marshalled at a couple though) haven't seen that

Originally Posted by holly View Post
When i asked this question of david baines ( BFTA comp sec ) i was told , it is against the spirit of the rules and would start a kit chase . i was thinking of using a different rifle for postionals . so he said , do it and we will ban it . ??? HOLLY
Thanks Holly, must admit that I'd a feeling that this must have been asked before, which was why I was expecting something in the rules about it - mind you "Start a kit chase"? What have we at the moment, with people buying ever more complicated rifles with more & more bells & whistles on them, higher mag/bigger scopes that have bits on to tell you that you're canted, 'windicators' that tell you the wind is blowing from such and such direction (at the firing point)???????????????????

Many thanks to those who've contributed so far, nice to see the various attitudes towards a casual comment between two shooters at a club regarding the sport

Me, I just shoot for fun & can't ever see myself taking part in even the local Winter League, let alone GPs etc. etc. & will quite happily spend 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 hours putting pellets towards targets & not too worried over the results
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