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Originally Posted by Dynaxuk View Post

If you want to shoot against the best of the best, come to a European event, as it stands I think you'll be shooting against the best of those who can afford to go plus last year's champions as they will want to retain the title once more.

Publish the list of those attending and the above may well change.
If I had the list I would no matter how small or big but its in the committees hand and they say what goes.
Im sure they have there reasons but like you and a lot out there it would be in there interest to get it out asap i believe but im just a nobody . Lets hope its soon for all of us and for those that are making the effort to come plenty of practice.
Well I know all the Kiwi shooters are looking forward to it and hope it attracts lots from all over the world.
Those that do come will be looked after well and enjoy it all the way down this way.
Shoot well and shoot straight

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