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Smile Cambs HFT Vs The Czech Republic pre-Worlds friendly

Cambridge HFT played host to the Czech Republics HFT team this morning, in a little informal pre-Worlds shoot. It was a standard UK spec 30 shot course with the weather almost behaving itself. The sky did go a little grey but it was that low gusty wind that was creating havoc again.
No classes today, it was a straightforward ‘top shot’ competition with medals for 1st to 3rd and an overall team score comprising the top 10 scores from Cambs members and Czech shooters.

I will apologise now if any of the names have been mistyped and blame the cat as his phonetic pronunciations can go a little awry.

Good luck to all shooting in the Worlds!

Overall Team scores:

Cambridge: 337
Czech Republic: 313

Dusan Mandat 58
Simon Vant 58
Alex Honeywell 56
Ladislav Pusztai 56
Shaun Eustace 55
Richard Bailey 55
Martin Krupka 55
Phil Russell 54
Dan Measures 54
Simon Jones 53
Anne Higgins 53
Jakub Bradac 53
Lunasz Radaj 52
Petr Kolisch 52
Clive Presland 52
Jack Houghton 52
Becky Rawlings 51
Vladimir Kvapil 51
Jeff Westley 51
Matt Rawlings 50
Nigel Fleet 50
Jiri Cigler 50
Martin Slane 50
Ralph Presland 48
Jon Houghton 48
Vladimir Novak 48
James Free 47
Jonathan Hobbs 47
Kev Turner 47
Jozef Zicha 46
Andy Ireland 46
Olga Kichova 46
Radek Novak 46
Roger Brigham 46
Jakub Vichter 45
Piers Honeywell 45
Mick Salmon 45
Wayne Pearce 45
Stu Deeks 44
Matt Goodson 44
Marcela Bolkova 43
Will Lander 42
Jiri Fousek 42
Emily Jones 42
Jirka Jirout 41
Ondrej Kramous 41
Alan Measures 41
Justin Rhone 40
Olly Fleet 40
Ben Rawlings 40
Keith Warburton 40
Jack Scott 39
Ken Philips 38
Ralph Currie 30
Richard Lander 19
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