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Originally Posted by sandandy View Post
Well for me I hope to shoot against the best of the best and it would be a shame not to. . I know its a long way to go and costly but a world event is just that, to be held anywhere in the world. It is held mostly in Europe and I for one can understand that but it has to be held in other places as well being a world championship. New zealand has great views and great poeple and all those coming will be most shown great hostpitallty and friendship. I certainlly hope to have a few beers with some of you out there that are coming know matter how many that attend.
Be good and shoot well
Regards Andy

If you want to shoot against the best of the best, come to a European event, as it stands I think you'll be shooting against the best of those who can afford to go plus last year's champions as they will want to retain the title once more.

Publish the list of those attending and the above may well change.
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