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Default TX200 Pellet Test - Result

Finally got around to getting through all the pellet sample packs.

Test: TX200 mk3 500 pellets through it from new.

First gun I have owned so cut me some slack on group sizes

Target 25 yards from a seated position:

1st - AA Field 4.54mm (all under a 5p - centre to centre 12mm)
2nd - JSB RS Diabolo 4.52mm (all under a 5p - centre to centre 15mm)
3rd - AA Express 4.52mm (all under a 10p - centre to centre 17mm)
4th - H&N FTT 4.5mm (all under a 10p with 4 pellets touching & 1 flyer - centre to centre 21mm)
5th - Falcon Accuracy 4.52mm (3 pellets touching & 2 flyer in different direction - centre to centre 26mm)

Tested 12 in total but they were the best, going to get another sample of these pellets and do the test again from prone but out to 50 yards see what they are looking like then settle on a pellet.

Hoping my group sizes will improve with time. What sort of group sizes are classed as good at say 25 & 50yards in standing, seated and prone?

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