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Probably the Bushnell 8-32. I have one on my lads rifle and the 30/30 ret is nice and clean for BR but the duplex makes it easier to use for FT. I don't shoot BR so not sure if it will cut the mustard for you. They do get dark as you approach 32 mag but they are a really decent scope, very clear and sharp and range well. I also have the 4200 6-24 mildot on my prosport, I'm not a fan of mildots but they are small and unobtrusive. It doesn't range as well as the 8-32 but as an 'all round' scope I much prefer it. I get the impression that the 8-32 is a really spectacular 6-24 that's been pushed to the limit (and maybe a little bit too far). 24 mag is too low for competitive FT though.

The big BSA target dot is very nice, but it's huge and heavy. I really like them, but it might change the dynamics of your set up quite considerably. You may not get on with it.

The Burris signature RA is supposed to be nicer than the Bushnell, but I've not used one. Ask Alan Aitch at Bisley, not sure if he still has one but he used his for FT to great effect a few years ago.

Edit; If you want to have a look through the Bushnells to see what they're like, pop down to the Bucc's on a club day. Let me know you're coming and I'll bring them with me. We have a 25 yard indoor zero range so you can get a feel for BR as well as FT.
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