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Originally Posted by Globalstar66 View Post
Amazing....Conor, I asked this same question on the South African forum (because the Canadian forum is pretty small and nobody has any idea what's up with worlds....

This was my question - and I quote:
"Anyone know where one can see a list of registered shooters attending??? I tried Google, but the "official" forum for the NZ Worlds has pretty much no info on it.....??"

This was Adam's answer - and again I quote:
"Its pretty much need to know basis.

Those registering to attend will be kept informed of the progress of their registration, and after confirmation and payment made, a list will be published. Up until then there is no need to satisfy idle curiosity, its not part of the mandate."

So this is how I was answered to basically the same question you asked. Not great....
Please Remember there is much going on in a event like this that's being organized and to sort out with many overseas visitors coming to New Zealand. As the response to Conors questions, hopefully your questions have been answered and a list of shooters will be avaiiable after June.
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