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Here are the scores from todays scorecards showing who used what. Also congratulations to Mark Comocao on being todays Bonus Bunny winner. Unfortunatly Mark left before the draw so Mark you need to come to Mill Ride on the 6th Dec to claim your prize, otherwise it will be a rollover, Hmmmm do we want Mark to attend on the 6th??

Johnny Smith 49 Daystate MK4

Evan Grove 46 AA S400
Dan Newell 43 BSA Scorpion
Sinead Egan 34 AA S200
Tom Brazier 33 AA 400K
Jason Pusey 21 GB 78 DL

Daniel Turner 55 TX 200
Steve Whiting 52 AA Prosport
Roger Dyson 50 HW97K
Steve Prime 43 HW99s
Dave Clements 43 Webley Longbow
Adrian Pusey 40 TX200
Bob Clay 39 AA Prosport

Jay Turner 57 Steyr LG110
Ryan Charlton 57 Walther Dominator
Greg Hensman 56 Daystate MK4
Ben Johnson 56 Daystate MK3RT
Mark Comocao 54 AA400
David Robertson 54 Daystate MK4
Andy Jackson 53 GML 400
Graham Knighton 53 Daystate MK4
Graeme Thornley 53 BSA Hornet
Jane Bellamy 53 AA S400
Mick Mctighe 53 Daystate MK3
Neil Tatton 53 Daystate MK3
Steve Davey 52 AA Pro-Target
Danny Webb 52 Steyr LG110
Lloyd Upton 52 AA400
John Smith 51 HW100
Mark Warrender 51 AA S400
Nigel Smith 51 AA400
Dave Hunter50 DAystate MK4
Ian Hunter 49 HW100KT
Steve Milburn 49 Daystate MK4
Derek Gash 48 DAystate MK4
Ian Gregory 48 HW100
LLoyd Grove 48 AA S400
Emma Johnson 47 AA S400
Steve CArtledge 47 AA S400
Derek Manders 46 AA S400
Al Collip 46 HW100
Steve Hesp 45 AA S400k
Gary Brazier 44 AAMPR
Patrick Egan 44 AA S200
Domonick Johnson 43 Daystate MK3
Jenny Fry 41 AA S400
Louise Bignall 41 HW100
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