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Originally Posted by chris.allum View Post
Cheers pal , yeah .. I understand i need to run it in before i do anything to it really ... however i do want to try improving it .... as a project type thing ... like smooth out the trigger mech , some how dull out some of the recoil ?? .... but yep ....... all in good time
My advice on that is, you need to decide your criteria for success before you even think about tuning a springer.
The LGV comes essentially tuned already.

With springers, everything is a compromise, so you really need to decide what's the most important factor for YOU, and accept that other things might get worse as a result.

For example, you could dull the recoil but find that as a result it's more difficult to be accurate with (you probably will actually).. it's a case of deciding what's more important - dull recoil or hitting what you're aiming at.
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