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What we have set up is a location where if you can get yourself there, we will look after you for the duration ....if you are broke upon arrival, lonely upon arrival we will hook you up.

(That does not mean dancing girls)

It will be a safe secure environment where you can relax, meet, greet, eat, shoot and then leave. If you can afford the tourist thing great! But so many will be tapped out due to travel costs, we understand and have really put together a package for that. That has been my personal undertaking from the start, and if income from fees does not cover it in total then it comes out of my back pocket. No drama.

It is a big undertaking to travel so far, take time off, we do understand really. But we equally feel it is important to run events in other locations around the world every now and then. So we proceed.

Anyone attending will be looked after, and will not be treated any different to how Kiwis treat other visiting sports teams or sportsmen/sportswomen. We are known for our hospitality, not for trying to make a buck out of you.

Really are hoping people will take a punt on this, our place is a very special place to visit and worth making the commitment.
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