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The trigger takes some setting up and isn't explained at all in the manual.. my review goes into it a bit deeper, but essentially don't think of the two adjustment screws as being independant, they're not - they work in the same way as the AA CD unit does.

You can get it shooting nice with no creep or gritty feeling to it, but it takes some twatting about.

As far as a tune goes.. someone was telling me at the weekend that VMach do a tuning kit for one.. My opinion on that would be what a complete waste of money that would be! Everything you get in a drop in vmach kit is already in the LGV but to a higher standard.

The lube as standard on the LGV is a bit too thick and too prone to dieselling.. so the best advice would be to a) either strip it and relube more sparingly with better lube - I used Red Rubber Grease on the spring and guides and a tiny amount of Quantum Hot Reel grease on the seal and piston bearings. OR... b) just put a couple thousand pellets through it (much more fun )

Another possible addition would be a spot of weight on the front of the rifle - so maybe a barrel weight or 3 to help reduce the slight bit of flip you get with them.

Personally, I'd just go out and enjoy it - maybe have a play with the trigger to get it how you like it and maybe think about what you'd like to do to it in 6 months time. They're a fun rifle to shoot and don't take much learning to be extremely accurate with.

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