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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Is there an up to date list of those registered yet or are thing just "sluggish" at the moment?
Only 4 months before the event takes place.

Couple of questions,
Have you decided on what targets are being used for the comp? Will they be standard Gamo or modified to ensure proper functioning?
Unlimited class (FAC) and 12ft/lb will they be using same targets?


Will this information be useful to you to help make a decision whether to attend or not, or is it just out of curiosity? Things are sluggish to be honest, slow uptake from Europe/UK, but we expected that so no biggie. Confirmed list will be published after deadline passes 30 June.

This event is going ahead no matter what. Some have already paid for flights so it would be unfair to even contemplate cancelling due to lack of registrations at this stage, it is usually sluggish to start with. I would comment that PCP rifle owners might get caught out with applications if they leave it too late. Registered shooters get vital information to make the Police application once registered, which includes a special Police supplied number to use on their online application form, but we cannot make it public, it must only be supplied to registered entrants.

The event goes ahead no matter what, whoever comes or not. Its only through the generous donation of $12000 worth of sponsored targets from GAMO that this event will proceed. That is 300 targets they have offered us, over and above what we asked for by a large amount and I cannot say enough about their support. To date; other than Steyr offering first prize, no other offers have been confirmed from usual sources of sponsorship, but some discussions are not yet completed. Diana, Daystate were making positive noises.

We get it............. we know it is costly to attend in NZ. We have put in place low cost accommodation and food, and an affordable entry fee. We cannot control the cost of travel. GBP75 entry fee, GBP25 for a weeks accommodation. Catering while still not confirmed, is likely to be about GBP 25 a day for three meals onsite. Not 5 star, but with 5 star the costs go up.

The targets used, as I have previously stated, will be modified to be reliable at 12 ft/lbs. High Power rifles will not use those targets.

We have 300 targets in total being set out so different power levels do not use the same targets. Is that what you were asking about? High Power targets will be modified and set to be reliable at those levels.

We've been using the Gamo targets for some years now, and used both power levels on the same targets in matches, and understand how they like to work and like to be set. But given the doubt cast publicly by some, we opted to go with the separate system just so no questions could be raised to cloud the issue.

The registration page (the first step)

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