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Following received from Adam (NZAFTA) ... Please inform those in your RGB that have already signed up ...

You are receiving this email as you have provisionally registered to attend the WFTF Field Target World Championships in New Zealand, 4th -7th September 2014 at Brookfields Outdoor Education centre Wainuiomata, Wellington.

Registrations have been sluggish, but interest has been steady.

For those registered for PCP rifle classes.

You should now be well on the way to making your applications for a Visitor Licence from the NZ Police website: ... pplication

In that application you will encounter two *required fields. These require information that we have been supplied from NZ Police to give to you only after you have registered.

For the License number of the secure storage address please contact NZAFTA or your regional RGB rep (for English shooters the EFTA or RobF on here)

For those registered for spring/piston classes:

No Licences or import permits are required for your air rifle.

For all registrants:

Ensure you have your domestic paperwork in place for your return home, any transit permits required during travel through foreign territories, and importantly check you Nation's entry Visa status with New Zealand. There are many nations that do not require a Visa to enter NZ for a short visit, but many that do. Please check your status when booking your tickets with your travel agent.

Travel insurance is essential should you encounter any kind of emergency or mishap travelling to, during your stay, or on your return home. Make sure to add cover for the eventuality of a mishap DURING THE EVENT ITSELF. Our accident laws and compensation legislation preclude visitors from receiving free medical treatment, or the ability to seek legal remedy.

Entry fees:

These are set now at $150NZ. We have observed the sign up rate of registrants and have set a higher fee to reflect slower sign up and projected attending numbers. This will not cover all costs, but reflects the higher limit we decided on the entry fee, rather than the lower range if we had good registration numbers early on.

Catering costs:

These are still not in our hands yet, but will be forwarded on shortly. We have set a schedule for the caterer of Breakfast, a small packed Lunch, and Dinner on each of the competition days, but with the final day/presentation being a more substantial function. These cists will be with you as soon as we have them to hand.

Accommodation costs:

We have booked the entire site, including accommodation blocks. We have set a blanket rate of $50 (approx GBP25) for a week's accommodation and all facilities. This is based upon share of a cabin presumably with team mates, and we require you to let us know by return email if you need a pillow and sleeping bag supplied to you if you cannot fit it in your luggage.

Where your requirements differ campervan/tenting etc please let us know by return email to discuss options available.


While we anticipate many will be bringing their own selected pellets with them, the JSB agents would be keen to know of any requirements that they can fulfil for you. Again just let us know by return email and the message will be passed on to them with your details.


A paypal account has been set up to receive payments for entries/accommodation and catering. Obviously without the catering costs available right at this moment it would be wise to wait to make your decisions whot options you wish to take up before making payment. We have said that June 30th 2014 is payment and confirmation deadline. We will send an email/invoice via paypal soon when all quotes are in for catering also.
New Zealand entrants do not have to use the Paypal option but can make payments in part or full by arrangement, by or on the final date of June 30th 2014.

Registration webpage:

Changes to the registration page will be occuring shortly, detailing sponsors information and added information on costs to entrants. But RGB officers please encourage any shooters who are putting their registrations off for whatever reason to sign up so they can get updates and information via email releases.

Adam Welsh
BFTA/NSRA County Coach
CSFTA Chairman/BFTA Rep
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