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Originally Posted by 16mmngm View Post
Ok already I am to join a club soon.The first one was FT and not HFT... I fancy HFT because the scopes are smaller, its more interesting, its more complicated, difficult and as with all big boys toys a bit mad.

It seems to me to be about what you do off the course rather than on it. By that I mean setting it all up perfectly for your own rifle and scope is a prerequisite.

23 yards 21 metres presumably avoids top of trajectory hold -under adjustment, or does it?

Brian Thank you......I feel a bit more confident about the parallax now.

I have read a lot of your articles,copied printed targets, bought the app. strap, and lid...Without your articles I doubt very much that I would be on this site in the first place.

One subject that I can find no reference to in what I have read of yours is "barrel droop" it not an issue? I can see myself getting confused.
If you are after a friendly club where there is something happening every saturday try Lea Valley,good shooting and good advice freely given.
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