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Originally Posted by skull-collector View Post
Pretty sure the 2 people I shot with on my first go around the FT course were both using T50's (only reason I knew they existed

I've already looked on Uttings (as they are local to me so I could pick up and save postage) but it says temp. unavailable so i've put my email in to get notified when its in stock When people refer to the 'big nikko' are they talking about the Nikko Stirling Diamond Sportsman (sorry for my ignorance)

Thanks to everyone for the comments and advice
I started FT last year and I've had the following already.... MTC Viper 8-32, T50 LMS, and big Nikko now on to a Sightron the one I was going to get after the MTC but decided to save a few .

I would suggest you stay away from the MTC as it's not a Bad scope but no where near as good as a T50, the T50 is good for the money but doesn't snap in as quick a a Nikko it is a fair scope though for the money, the Nikko is snappy and has the seen plenty of FT action now. The Sightron is by far the clearer and more snappy of them all, it also has the reticle choices to bewilder I have the LRIRMH and love it.

I don't think I will be changing again any time soon and should have gone with this choice last year lol.

In short get the best you can with your budget don't scrimp though if you don't have too :-)

Steyr LG110 FT, Sightron SIIISS 10-50x60 LRIRMH
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