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Default Fishy unreal parallax


Hold thumb in front of nose. Look at thumb. Close one eye then open it and close the other. Your thumb moves (apparently). Place thumb closer to nose and repeat exercise. Thumb moves more (apparently) But your thumb is not moved; your line of sight has moved.your eyeball has moved(apparently). it hasnt but your line of sight has moved from one eyeball to the other.

Now the gun scope. At dead centre the reticule is in line with image but not focused precisely except at parallax setting distance say 23yards ... focusing at parallax set distance has bugger all to do with eyepiece. Eyepiece focusing is eye to reticle...parallax setting is reticle to image.....zeroing is lining up scope and rifle barrel

A lens bends light and creates image upside down and reversed l to r...and back again in your brain...the brain put its right way up and r to thats magic.

Then theres first second and third focal plane!!!!...then number of parsecs to a star is d=1/p where d is distance in parsecs and p is parallax angle measured in I do not know what that means but its all about parallax

Everythings a circle !

FISHY cobblers codswallop, you are floundering about from your high perch like an old trout with you long nosed sucker thats fishy


This is for real I won wouldnt believe me if I btold you

No definitely as I am about to buy a Steyr LG110 HP Hunting rifle and the guy I am to buy it from is .........,,,,,,,you wont believe that either,, now thats unreal....
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