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Default New competition for HFT shooters, irrespective of location

The Phoenix Challenge will be shot between mid-April and the end of September 2014, and it is a semi-virtual competition, meaning that the competitors don't have to be present at the same competition in order to compete.

The Phoenix Challenge is for shooters of the Phoenix air rifle, whether you have a Parker Hale Phoenix, a Parker Hale Phoenix MkII, or a PAX Phoenix. And it doesn't matter if you have a .22 or a .177, the handicapping system will balance things out.

You just have to shoot your Phoenix in an HFT competition to UKAHFT rules and to let us know the results. We’ll work out your percentage result, based on the top score of the day, and taking into account a handicap. The handicap assumes that there are more .22 Phoenix shooters than there are shooting in .177, and the scores of .177 shooters will be reduced by a percentage, which will be arrived at by comparing the results of the top 5 shooters in Open and .22 class at the 2014 HFT World Championship and finding out their average score per round. (For reference, the differential figure for the 2013 World Championship was 15%.)

In order to win the accolade of Phoenix Champion Shot you will need to provide a minimum of 4 scores, as above, between April and the end of September. If you provide more than 4, your best 4 scores will count. In case of a draw, we'll use a countback system to decide the winner.

This is a fun competition, done for Glory, not Gain, however there will be "a little something" for the winner.

More details in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile please register your interest below together with any questions. A few weeks ago when hot shot Anne Higgins and I did our inaugural Phoenix Challenge we proved that the Phoenix can hold its head up against any other rifle used in HFT - so let's see just how good you other Phoenix shooters are!
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