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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Thanks Simon - maybe he'll see this thread and offer some advice.

EDIT: Appears ZakFT's scope is a front AO model. Jon Harris mentions that this place won't do sidewheel models. PM'd Zak to see if I can get more info.

My apologies in slight delay in response to your PM and others I have received in relation to the said matter of reticle change. I will cover everything on this thread and hope this will answer all pms.

Yes if you have the snakes & ladders , Xmas tree, tv Ariel etc reticle they can be changed very easily with a 48hrs turn around!!!!! Yes 48hrs!!!!

I sent my mk4 leup off (PR Reticle/boosted) to my optic technician who done previous work for me on my expensive binos and other scopes. The gentleman named Richard has worked directly for schmidt & bender and has mass of experience when it comes to top end optics.I found it quite confusing with many lines and some dots and sent my scope of to ActionOptics on a Tuesday evening via Special Recorded next day Delivery (500) insurance (very important and can cost 28 both ways) , he was in receipt of it Wednesday worked on it and I had it back in my hand by 1pm on a Thursday Morning and I was gobsmacked and for such service I was willing to pay double the price.

He currently only does the 30/30 or also known as duplex reticle for the leuplods and is awaiting to get hold of mildots. But he has mildots for S/B scopes in stock. I am really happy with my reticle and has cleared the front for me and in my opinion I see more of the field of target and more light through it....

He did mention to me that for being such an expensive scope why leupold does not lock the reticle in the scope??? This back tracks to some threads I have read on here of why reticle do end up braking.... However as he changes the reticle he also locks the recitals in the scope with 3 small grub screws and re-gases it and does not touch or remove or charge for scopes with premiere reticle work done.

I hope I have covered everything and this is to the best of my knowledge and experience. I will below forward his complete details for anyone to contact. I have made him aware that I will be mentioning his work on the forum as I was very very pleased with it. However on contact if you mention Zak he will know which family of sports he is dealing with...

Richard Briggs
Action Optics
16 Butts Ash Gardens,
Hythe, Southamton,
Hamshire SO45 3BL

Tel : 023 8084 2801



Hope this helps.

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