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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
I thought you'd won it this year to be honest Neil. All I heard going round were whispers that 'Neil's still only 1 down' - then as it came to the last few lanes news came over that you were 3 down, but I was already 5 down at that point with a standing lane still to come.

Good to see the Solware Springers doing so well though Watch out A graders, you've got a team of boingers snapping at your heels in the GP team event.
Yes Bri, felt really felt good about putting a good score in. I was 3 down with 5 lanes left to shoot. I missed a 32 yd stander, a 34 yd stander I edged a reducer at 22yds to go 3 down. I then missed 2 on the same lane...both full size kills at 52yds and 43yds to go 5 down. I then missed a longish one 2 lanes later which was coupled by a 15mm at around 16yds which was a right bum twitcher as I didn't want to double dink again, managed to hit it. Then my last lane was over the pond, got the closer one then parallaxed the one over the pond at 42yds, wind was slightly right to left so gave it inside right edge only to miss it by 10mm on the right as the wind had switched and I didn't notice. A great day and good friendly rivalry between me you and Nick, let's try and keep the high scoring going for the GPs. Well done again mate for the win.
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