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Default it could only happen to Acid hands

Good weather, slight breeze early on giving way to proper Tondu Wind.
Coule of Niggles on the course, all noted for next time.

I shot etihs but I still world champion


Big Mike 33 (Won Shoot off)
Little Jack 33
Gary Powell 31
Lord Lampeter 31
Chubby 30
Slim Berty 29
Russ Summers 27
Not Awesime 27
Colnel Sanders 26 (What Side order please)
Chris Keyworth 26
Dave gage 25
Jason Harris 25
Nigel Hayman 24 (Wants to buy Doz Ev2!)


Gwynne Robinson 31
Craig Corbett 30 (Back off Gadgets List)
Dave Williams 29
John Lewis 28 (Open for BFTA)
John Johnston 24
Gareth James 24
John Mortlock 24
Mike Long 24 (Spring)
Acid Hands 24
tom Gould 21
Craig Morgan 19


BDL 31
Dai cooper 28
ZakFt 23 (Ohh Simon its too late wrong clouds to set up! - But you still Pumped Z)
Gareth hando 21
Martin Davies 21
Zahed Khan 21
Rhys Bowen 20
Vince Bowen 19
derk 19 (Spring)
Steve James 18
Gary Williams 18 (Its not count down!)

C / Ungraded

Tosh Crocker 24 (Walters are great)
Stuart Kingshot 22 (Rosier Who? )
Andrew Burgess 21 (Sft /Hft)
Steve rosier 18 (How did he miss with an ev2?)
Tom Morgan 17 (Same score as 1989 @ Tondu, but that were only 25 targets !!)
Annette James 15
Andy Higgins 12 (Gary Said this way round!)
Nigel Hockey 10 (Could own a Blue ev2 soon?)
Mark Baber 9 (Spring - First comp?)
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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