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Default The story so far to the nearest mildot

I am new here. The last time I shot a pellet was 40 years ago. I was in the ATC . A
(Air training corps) . Let that be no bar to understanding the sport of HFT. As a highly educated professional I'd like to help my fellows by explaining what I have learnt from what's been written about HFT.
1 Hft what is it ?
The apparent killing of small furry animals.(SFA) in cold blood, without provocation, with no , warning or mercy. I say apparent.because the SFA have a trick - they duck -.and they are so good at it that none are killed though the unsuspecting shooters consider them killed . The shooters think a new SFA appears. But of course it's the same ones every time. If that were not the case then hundreds of the little buggers would be rampaging and they would attack us, invade our homes and.....
2 Wind
The one thing that is very difficult to anticipate before a shot. Compared to working out how far away a 15mm kill zone which only requires a double first in Mathematics
at Oxford. Wind causes missed shots because it comes when it comes but usually just before you take your shot..... No I am resisting .
3 Equipment
If you are to take the sport seriously and there is really no other way to take it you need the right kit. As far as I understand you need a gun and then it gets complicated. Which reticule ?

Why can't I buy a S&B Klassik 10-40 second hand for 350 and have mildot reticule fitted? Tim got ones . I mean its the best of both worlds don't you think?
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