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Default 2 days of hard work

Main course is out and looks good.

Lanes of Yellow plate & Black kills, or Black plates with Yellow Kills

Testing, couple of softie shoos to keep spirits high, especially as the "Standing" sign has become wedged in the ground, so Sorry Arms dealer but your 4 down!

Top section starts on Banks and run along the "windy" top ponds.

Lane 1, top of the banks

Nice easy start, not to long but angles south away from the majprity of lanes up top banks, so getting wind right could be tricky. T 2 is a gimmie, short range and 45mm kill, even Acid Handst will hit it !!

Lane 2 and its one of the Angle lanes, just for Berty. Trick T3, but t4 often catches shooters, me included

Lane 3, easier T5, t6 may catch a few?

Lane 4, first over the ponds and High T7 is almost a certain 0 for me. t8 wont be no easy shot either.

Lane 5, angles again, not too long but the wind could be far more than it looks?

Lane 6, a Tester in T11, long and purched High up a pole. t12 may be more than it looks?

Easing off a bit with lane 7, Short T13 but it may still be unlucky for some? T14 is a Good un!

Lane 8 not too bad, a bit easy on the battered shooters who have just gone across the ponds?

End of the ponds and its a long un with a Gimmie?

Stroll down from lane 9 to the bottom Gate and lane 10 is waiting for you. All new lane, never been used before. Standing, so arms Dealer probably never want to use it again!!!

Over the road for another All new Lane (11), angles, not far but all that wind in the fields ?? T22 is a nice one down the tunnel of love!

Lane 12 is New and one of my Favs, dark and tunnel effect. That's not to say the wind cant get in there?

lane 13 is new, gimmie t25 but t26 may take you?

Lane 14 was new last time, its a good un so back in but of course with differences!

Lane 15 was also new last time, the angles change so does the wind and this time your on your knees!

Lane 16 has not been used for about 3 years! its a gimmie lane, so I decided we would stand!

Cant use the ponds without Snappy being there, only reducer on the course, lane 17

Lane 18 was in use last time, but the targets were not here! Watch the wind, its back?

My Top lane on the course, 19 is a kneeler worthy of the Speed camera, its got it all, Angles, distance and probably a touch of Wind ? Berty Is t37, Harry t38. Smile!!

I see no Iceburg?

Acid Hands Titanic is still afloat, so we double stringed it and are awaiting the ships Rat to Jump?

Nice ranges on the finish line and more Angles, plus Wind?

Briefing 9.25am

Main Shoot Open 9.30am
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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