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Default MAD Wednesdays

Maldon And District

Wednesday Evening Shoots

The Wednesday Summer League is coming back on the 7th May for 20 weeks.
Still 10 rounds from 20 to count to the end of year winners, so you don't need to make them all for your scores to count towards the League.

This post is to inform everyone of some changes that are going to be tried with the Wednesday league.
You will still get to shoot a 30 peg course set to UKAHFT rules, either in the meadow or the forest or both.
It will still have a relaxed starting time, just pop along after work, find a partner/group and start shooting.
So far so good, just enjoy your shooting as normal, the fun starts when you hand your cards in.

There will be a Scratch League as normal where we will all have to try and stop Doppa winning again, usual scoring and rules to apply.

The secondary league that will give everyone a chance to take some cash home, previously known as the Handicap League will now be a different format. This is a trial run for this summer to try and mix things up a bit and reduce the amount I pay for therapy after people moaning about their handicaps.

Once all of the cards are handed in, an app on my phone will pick 10 random numbers between 1 and 30. These pegs will be treated as 'pulled' targets.

I will freeze all scores of 56 or above and they will stand.
All carded scores below 50 will be made up to 50 and given any of the 10 'pulled' targets that match 1's or 0's on the card as 2's.
All scores between 50 and 55inc will get the 10 'pulled' targets but will obviously have less chance of getting any of the 10.
There will be no benefit in missing on purpose because the 'pulled' numbers will be totally random and not known beforehand. Likewise, I will spot a card with 30 zero's on it.

That's it, apart from the top 3 finishers in the Scratch League will not be allowed to figure in the top 3 placings of the Money League at the end of the year. If they do they will be dropped to 4th or lower.

Hope it all makes sense and as I have stated, It is still going to be a relaxed place to come and shoot a UKAHFT rules course midweek. Leave all the stress to me and my therapist.

See you on the 7th of May.
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