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Default Final Batch, more than 3

Top Job on the Bfta cards again, thank to Chris

El C goes to see Wafta and Asks "how much to keep AWESIME in Mfta perminently?"
Being as he a better shot than Blobby who only hit a non counting 28 !!

The Welsh Pee them selves laughing and say were just going to pay MFTA to keep him !!


Statler and Waldorf

Show us how far you missed that one by Acid Hands!

Arms dealer goes for 2 Two trigger option

sundays Best

Meanwhile Woody goes Water Devining

Spot the Black Sheep Arms dealer Said??

No sheep round these parts with all these Welsh men around.

And one Wenglish

Good safety at the shoot, the gun is pointing over the line when not in use. But who took the bag off Pauls head, its not safe to show young people how ugly you can become!!

Jack checks the instructions, "pull back lever........."

Mr.T does a bit of Nipple Twiddling and hits the spot?

I get so Hungrey on the standers, I eat my Arm (no photoshop in this pic!!)

Children Grow up Fast, seem like just yesterday He was just a Babe in Jacks Arms ?
What you mean its not his, they are like Twins??

Luckily the Tripod goes down as well as up

See, those number go up as well!!

Another completion developed along the breeze, who could gurn the best following a Shot?

You vote for the Best one?

Shoot offs




BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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