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Default Paul James Recoiling Championships - SESSION LIST

We have a record number of shooters this year, in fact we're oversubscribed but we don't want to turn anyone away because this is going to be such an MEGA event it would be a shame if anyone missed it.

These are the requested session lists, but we have a slight problem in that we could do with 4 shooters switching from the PM session to the AM session. So can you all please have a look and if you're a local shooter and you're down on the 2nd session, would you consider volunteering to switch to the first session please to help things run more smoothly.


1Adam LeesFT1
2Adrian ShawHFT1
3Andras Fekete-MoroFT1
4Andy JonesHFT1
5Andy PursegloveFT1
6Andy WatkinsHFT1
7Anthony MartinHFT1
8Bob ClayHFT1
9Brian SamsonFT1
10Chris AsquithHFT1
11Chris CundeySFT1
12Chris GuyHFT1
13Colin RichardsonFT1
14Dan GilmartinSFT1
15Danny WebbFT1
16David AtkinFT1
17Dave ClementsHFT1
18Dave GibsonSFT1
19Dave LawrensonFT1
20Dave LindleyFT1
21Dave SemmensHFT1
22Dean CorfieldHFT1
23Donald HartnessHFT1
24Elliott comptonFT1
25Gary MartinFT1
26Gary Timms FT1
27Graham CooperHFT1
28Harry CopmtonFT1
29Ian StoddartFT1
30Ivan MarsdenFT1
31Jamie JacksonSFT1
32Jerry DowdallFT1
33Jim NeeFT1
34Julie StonehouseHFT1
35John LeeSFT1
36Lee ellisSFT1
37Lee HartnessHFT1
38Lori RichardsonFT1
39Marc FisherFT1
40Mark CrosslandSFT1
41Mark HensonFT1
42Mark Splodger JonesHFT1
43Martin Owens SFT1
44Matt HirstFT1
45Micheal WilsonFT1
46Mick ChapmanFT1
47Mick FernHFT1
48Neil ThorneycroftFT1
49Paul HarbronSFT1
50Paul LawrenceFT1
51Paul WarnesSFT1
52Peter RowleyFT1
53Pete ThorneycroftHFT1
54Peter WilsonFT1
55Phill GreenSFT1
56Roger DysonFT1
57Roy IronmongerSFT1
58Shaun ShoreFT1
59Simon BurgonHFT1
60Simon HigginsFT1
61Steve BowersHFT1
62Steve HebblethwaiteFT1
63Steve WatkinsHFT1
64Steve WhitingHFT1
65Sue SwiftFT1
66Trevor RyanSFT1
67Vin RigbyHFT1
68Warren EdwardsFT1

1Adam ledgerHFT2
2Alan Comberford (Solware)HFT2
3Andrew MonniezSFT2
4Andy CalpinSFT2
5Anne HigginsHFT2
6Anthony SparhottHFT2
7Brian PierrepontHFT2
8Bussé YoeriFT2
9Calvin woodHFT2
10Chick McGowanHFT2
11Colin WilkinsonFT2
12Danny WelchFT2
13Dave JowettSFT2
14Dave TomlinsonHFT2
15David RobinsonFT2
16David Smith (Dogga)SFT2
17David WilliamsonHFT2
18Edwin CableFT2
19Frank PeakmanFT2
20Glenn WalshFT2
21Glyn WaitomHFT2
22Harry BrownFT2
23Helen CarragherFT2
24Hughie WilsonSFT2
25Ian BurtonFT2
26Ian SheppardHFT2
27Ian TreadwellSFT2
28James OsborneFT2
29John CostelloFT2
30John HarperSFT2
31Jon WillinghamFT2
32Keith GilyardFT2
33Keith SpencerSFT2
34Kevin CresswellFT2
35Kyle HamptonHFT2
36Lewis Stephens HFT2
37Malcolm ReynoldsSFT2
38Marc AndrewsSFT2
39Mark BrewittFT2
40Mark StentonFT2
41Martin CalpinSFT2
42Matt WaistellHFT2
43Mick WoodheadFT2
44Nathan JamesHFT2
45Neil HagueSFT2
46Nick MurphyFT2
47Paddy Egan (Solware)HFT2
48Paul MonniezSFT2
49Perry BroadHFT2
50Phil PriceFT2
51Phil RichesFT2
52Phil RussellHFT2
53Ray HamptonHFT2
54Richard TrowFT2
55Ricky MoppetHFT2
56Rob FarnworthFT2
57Rob LongFT2
58Roderick wardSFT2
59Roger MoyFT2
60Scott RobinsonFT2
61Scott TealeHFT2
62Simon AyersFT2
63Steve PageFT2
64Steve PrivettFT2
65Tony WrightFT2
66Trevor BlandFT2
67Val SzulcFT2
68William PeatSFT2

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