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I went up to have a look last weekend, only one guy there, to be honest I was a little disappointed. Greenfields ground, (the home of the now defunct Invicta FTC) was a great venue for all types of shooting,especially FT.
The new club appears to be just a plinking club, it's got some good points though, a shop and cafe with loos on site, some woodland which I'm told is available to use,and undercover shooting areas. The cost is 100 per annum paid in Oct, no pro rata. I don't think this is the best idea, I mean who would bother joining in Aug, again it's done for ease of organisation which I can relate to.
What I think it's lacking in is dedicated shooters with know how and knowledge to start and run a club, OK this is hard work ( I know I've done it) but can be done.
I hope things work out for them as it would be good to have a well run AG club in the Canterbury area.
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