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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Think it's a dimensional thing. There was a load of youtube vids a while back throwing them off fire towers onto concrete, but i think the differences were so marginal and I can't even remember which came out best. Same company I believe now.

They do an extra deep one which I use for trips abroad... im3220
Yes, I remember the vids and they do appear to be the same company now

Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
I don't know anything about the im3300 but my 1750 has been through hell and back (3 fly away world champs) and its still as new! Expensive but worth it. Just add up how much your FT rig has cost
Thanks Paul, my thoughts exactly. A couple of thousand quid of kit in a 50 bag doesn't seem prudent. When I rode motorbikes in my youth I always had the most expensive crash helmet I could find despite being permanently broke as my brain is my second favourite organ.
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