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I wanted to hear back from you seasoned shooters familiar to the Euro manufacture's and get some input pro's /Con's on the following PCP's

FT Shooters in the UK will have much more expertise than we do here in the US in FT guns but I will say that other than also considering Air Arms EV2 and FTP 900, those brands you mention are are about the best out there.
Any of these brands will be as accurate and the rest is up to the shooter and a matter of "What you like and feel comfortable shooting"... I like the easy shooting feel of Anschutz and Walther but I shoot a highly modified Steyr FT-110 that is as smooth and easy shooting as these other two brands and is very reliable and consistent...FWB P70 (FT 700) is to me a little out of balance but again, this is me talking...

The advice that you are getting of testing several guns at your local club is about the best you can do if you have that option...We don't have that opportunity here in the US, I need to drive 8-10 hours every time we compete. We all buy our guns by reference and after reading some reviews which is always very risky given the interests of the writer...High end expensive FT guns are not very common here in the US and we need to special order them.

Log into You Tube and watch some of the latest FT World Championship videos...You will see what is being used and by whom...Try:


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