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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Hi G, for the past 12 months i have really reduced the cleaning regime. I suppose i will have to wait and see if the groups open up on the new barrel and with my other Steyr so that i know the 'breaking' point of needing a clean. I wouldn't dream of returning my barrel to Steyr because of the age , pellets shot through and the fact that it was recrowned. However, as i do a bit of business through the Netherlands with Steyr i ddi get the new 55cm barrel at quite a good price and they have been absolutely spot on to deal with.

I just hope that some on here will read this and be able to get some info as to the frequency of barrel cleaning.
Hi Chris, just some further thoughts and observations and ramblings. When John made the Team Wild Video's ( I think it was the first one explaining about his kit) he made a specific reference to useing a barley twist barrel because it didnt need cleaning.
With regard to the crowning of the barrel ,this can be taken out of the equation straight away.I would categorically say that that this is still perfect knowing the work of Barry Taylor and the outstanding knowledge of Ian. We are not shooting .303 . I think we have to remember we use a lead pellet ( which I understand is self lubricateing ) with compressed air.
With regard to the 55cm barrel our results from testing this against the Barley twist was that our gut feeling was it it was more accurate than the Barley twist ,but for the reasons given ,we use the Barley twist.
I dont think anyone is able to give you a frequency of barrel cleaning. Our thoughts are that you clean a new barrel to a mirror finish and shoot it till it goes off. Thats the break point.
Re Steyr service in Austria and the UK . You said it all.
Regards G.
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