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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
Hi Chris , I have had sleepless nights about your barrel all weekend. However I think I have come up with the answer to the problem. You have said that you clean your barrel after every shoot and VFG it every month . Well both our No.1 & No.2 guns have Barley twists fitted to them. No.1 gun has had its barrel cleaned once since we bought it in 2008 ,it was last cleaned it in 2012 thats the gun John used for the Worlds. The No 2 gun was purchase in 2009 and the barrel was last cleaned at the same time , we use this gun for testing anything new so it has had a good load of pellets through it. We found that after cleaning both the barrels we had to fire a number of pellets through them ( I am guessing now ,but say at least 200 ) before they were back on the money .
Just some thoughts . G.
Hi G, for the past 12 months i have really reduced the cleaning regime. I suppose i will have to wait and see if the groups open up on the new barrel and with my other Steyr so that i know the 'breaking' point of needing a clean. I wouldn't dream of returning my barrel to Steyr because of the age , pellets shot through and the fact that it was recrowned. However, as i do a bit of business through the Netherlands with Steyr i ddi get the new 55cm barrel at quite a good price and they have been absolutely spot on to deal with.

I just hope that some on here will read this and be able to get some info as to the frequency of barrel cleaning.
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