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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
Anyone know if someone has tried printing a Hamster Or wouldn't it be worth the amount of materials ?

The downside with 3D printing (laser sintering at any rate) is that it gets expensive very quickly when you start increasing the volume of parts. The little adjuster knobs I'm having printed cost just a few quid, but when you get up to the volume of a whole hook it runs at over 100 to just have it printed. A hamster would end up being too expensive at the moment - much cheaper to have one made of walnut and steel.

I have thought about 3D printing the adjustable part of a hamster and getting Warren to make up the walnut bits for it, but I'll leave that for the time being until people get used to nylon accessories and have more confidence in the strength.

I reckon this method of manufacturing for limited production runs is going to really take off over the next few years and we should see prices coming down for it too.
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