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I've just extended my garden range to 57 yards, so I thought I'd give it a test run with a target at 55.

I'm shooting about 4 clicks high (I always seem to shoot 4 clicks high in the garden range - I have no idea why that is, but when I'm shooting a course it's fine).

Anyhoo.. I shot this 6 shot group this afternoon - each shot aimed at the 10mm blue bullseye from FT sitting position, with a 7km/h wind from behind (amounting to about 1-2mph right left on the range). I actually took 6 shots, but the last shot went high and the group was looking pretty good before that, so I went out to get the card before it got any worse

I think it works out to be about a 13mm group (0.9 MoA). I would say that's a better than average group for me.

I'll be honest, I don't think spending hours and hours trying to get group sizes down is a worthwhile activity - anything below a 30mm group at 55 yards is good enough to clear an FT course. Range finding is far more critical than group size in reducing your margin for error with wind estimation.

btw - an SR is not a proper springer either
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