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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Chris why don't you send it off to steyr for them to test it.
They did this with mine last year and confirmed that there was a fault with it.I
got a new hand selected barrel in return free of charge.
Harry preston told me that they put it on a 10mtr demonstrator as despite it not grouping out to 50mtr, it would strangely 10mtr. Just a thought mate.
The mind boggles as to how far Steyr Sport customer satisfaction extends. You have a barrel that was made by Steyr Mannlicher ,goodness knows how many years ago , it has been re crowned by Barry Taylor in Yorkshire , vigorously cleaned ,to with in an inch of its life and has had goodness knows how many million pellets shot through it. It would be magical to see what Steyr Sports response to this would be.
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