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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
Hi Chris, if you you might consider selling it please PM me. Looking for one for a 10 metre gun .
Regards G.
Will have a think about that G.

Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
how does a crown "go off " chris ?
and if its been fixed once , whats to stop it from being refreshed again
I think that Barry might know straight away. I think the reason that the barley twist 'went off' was down to an intensive cleaning regime with pull throughs after every shoot and the full VFG once per month. Also the rifle is at least 8 years old and has had a serious amount of lead through it

on average i shoot a full tin every weekend, take a rough estimate of 40 weekends per year and i've had the rifle 8 years so at least 160,000 pellets through that barrel

I will ask Barry to have another look at it for me.
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