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Looking through these posts the one rifle that we keep going back to is the S400 . I think I said in my first post that this would be the cheapest buy in the long term. If my memory serves me right it is lighter than an S200 , but also the shot count is far greater. With regard to accuracy Rich has more than demonstrated this with his pattern card (standing ) fantastic, and someone who cleared a course with it . Now lets get back to shot count if you can get 40 good shots from well set up S200 or whatever it just wont cut the mustard in competion. I know because my son shot the NEFTA Classic twice which is 2 fourty target courses on 2 days, and I had to carry an air bottle round to fill it up mid course . Luddite will confirm this.
You learn from your mistakes , the next rifle was no mistake it won the lot.
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