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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
Thanks for the info. I am now on the trail of a used one, I've got a couple of very good options from guys on here now so hopefully save some cash
It's a pity you're so far away as i have a mate selling an all black LG110 (short version). Without teaching you to suck eggs and repeat myself, you really need to shoot one your'e thinking of buying for at least 100 pellets. Steyr's are great rifles and mine have done me proud with tons of trophies but they can be sullen buggers sometimes. Luckily they are easy to work on and i have access to cheapish parts through my Dutch address. If you get sorted and have any questions then please get in touch as i have seviced my own Steyr's for 8 years now including regs/checking/setting/servicing.

I have a few tips if stripping a Steyr that have increased the long range accuracy on mine...basically lapping the springs and and polishing the springs and hammer/VO adjuster till they gleam. If i think back i have only had one problem in the last 3 years with 2 Steyrs. One problem was big because it turned out to be a barrel problem that would group, then not group. Of course i swapped out several hundred pounds worth of internals before realising what the problem was.

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