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Originally Posted by Simonev2 View Post
Good evening I'm looking for a cheap pcp for my young lad he's 8 years old and wants to go shooting with me. Has any one got any ideas on which ones are good.
If any one is selling anything that would suit my lad.
It's for hft and plinking.
The cheapest route to go down in the long term is to buy an S400 with a beech stock. Then chop the stock about unmercifully till it fits him . Gun fit is all important with a child . Stock length, cheek piece riser , hamster .scope height. As he gets older you then fit spacers to make it fit.

I can only comment on the S200 with a target stock , as this was the first gun that I bought new for my son at the age of ten. The stock was great , the shot count for competion use, was useless, there was also a question mark over how the scope mounts should be fitted to the action , I cant remember how we did it in the end but it wasnt direct onto the dovetails on the action ,and I was never that convinced about the accuracy of the gun ,with 4.51 pellets the groups were good but every 8 or 9 pellets we had a flyer, with 4.52 pellets the groups opened up but no flyers. That was our findings anyway.
I hope this is of some help to you . All the best in getting him interested in competitions.
Regards G.
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