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I've recently tuned up a 25mm 77. I put it in a FT stock with a Tasco CS and tested @20x.

I have 15 yards in the garden and at that range it put 5x AA Field 4.52 through literally the same hole ( HFT prone ). I hate saying that but you couldn't really tell the difference between a 1 pellet hole and the 5 pellet hole.

I reckon over the next 35 yards to 50 yards, slight pellet differences and little bits of wind will cause instability and open up groups beyond the control of the shooter.

I took it down the woods on a stillish day ( sheltered range ) and shot 5 shot groups on card to check the holdovers ( again shooting HFT prone ). I've just measured the card at 50 yards with a vernier and the 5 shots are ctc 13.5mm.

Shooting it FT style off the front knee I shot 10 shots at ctc 35mm at the 50 yards. I just can't hold steady yet as I'm just starting ( I may never be able to ) so I'm shooting on the move.

I was happy with that, but that's me, on my own with my dogs and a flask of tea. Put me on a course and add a squirt of adrenaline and I'll fall to bits.

I took it to Far Coley a week or so ago. The lads at Far Coley have been really friendly and helpful and welcoming. They put out proper 30 shot courses on club days. I'd surrendered by lane 5 as I was all overthe place. Gun is capable but I'm not I'm afraid. I think Neil shot with "The Dark Detsroyer" that day first round ( I think that's his TX ). I think he only missed about 3.

So there's loads for me to learn, especially at the longer ranges.

So ... sorry for my usual waffle ... but that gun did 13.5mm ctc 5 shot at 50 yards HFT prone.

Brian did that thread a while back where he was testing batches of pellets over the chrono at 55 yards. I'm sure he shot 10 shot groups at 20x rested ... and his best group was half inch at 55y.

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