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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
You will have to explain that one to me.
If someone forgets /fails to hand a card in or does something else that warrants them being given a score of 1, the resulting % will be around 3 ish.
That can make quite a big difference in an average score so it does not protect a shooters regional average at all, it drops it down very quickly!

Eg, your current rolling BFTA 20 % is 70.2% so your heading for B class in the summer for Bfta events, well done.
However, if you failed to hand your card in sunday at target fT event and got a low score, such as 3% it would drop you down into C again on 65. Least it would but I wont entered such daft scores for Bfta!

In Wafta however your currently on 77.6% which makes you potential A grade. 1 score of 3% or so puts you down to 67% and if two scores of 3 were entered you would drop to 59 and c class? So just one or two entries could see you drop down.

You would like to believe all shooters are always trying to go up, but I don't think its always the case
What I mean is that there are different reasons why a card wouldn't be handed in, eg someone genuinely forgets or they deliberately don't hand it in for some unknown reason.

Now if they do forget or they believe their partner handed it in then I'm not sure what would be best, maybe contact the marshal and get it witnessed and added with maybe a 1-2 shot penalty.

If it isn't the case and it's deliberately not verified then I'm not sure what would be best, possibly adding a no score but then if it's a rolling or top 10 scores for example in a league take off their highest score and re average less that. This way it would possibly knock them out of contention for a placing but wouldn't really affect their average.

It's a year since I started FT and I'd given myself a target of going up each year, will be trying to up my game and maybe see if I can get to 80% in WAFTA by the end of the summer. Main one is to sort out the bleeding standers, kneelers are getting better.

It's mad to me too not want to improve I always look to get better and try and get close to the better shooters I don't think I'd ever beat the likes of Jack, you, Doz etc but if I get within a few shots I'm usually well happy.
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