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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Absolute tosh neil ,a SR is as much a springer and anything out there . it is just that the recoil goes backwards as it should . watching rob's springer sunday , all it did when firing was twitch slightly . by the time you have changed the spring , shortened the stroke , lighten the piston , put a blooming great stock on it and so on . what you have is a heavy PCP . if all the spring gun boys shot a PRODUCTION rifle . then that would be another matter . now the SR is as it came out of the factory . So let the SRs into spring gun grade i say ??? HOLLY

PS i put the reason that you do not see any SRs in comps down to the fact that they are not seen as a springer .
Hols, you weren't the first person to say that. But I can assure you she gives a good old thump into your shoulder.

Slowly building up the confidence with her... i have to say all the misses I saw (4 out of the 9) were due to me. Two went straight, two got carried over. But I didn't see the other 5 land to any convincing degree. 2 of them were on standers.

I need to do some pellet testing with her at the weekend so perhaps i'll stick some paper up after. I've got the feeling she's not grouping as well as she used to, but i'm not sure if that's the pellets or a by product of the shift problem being fixed. From memory she was bang on the clicks that I used in germany, despite her being in the bag ever since... considering that's a 20 degree difference, and six months ago, i'll settle for her not being the nail gun she was if she sticks them in the same place more consistently.
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