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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
An SR is not a true springer Dave...and you know it. If you were to use it at a GP for instance, you would be in the same class as PCP unless you locked the sledge up of course. Now get yourself a proper springer then come back to us real spring gun shooters with your best groups.

Best I had with the TX is around 25mm at 55yds on a calm day.
I had a group last year of 20mm with 97K V-Mach, but not been able to repeat it since.
I will do some tests with all 3 springers when the weather settles.

Enjoy your...... not real springer.


Sr's are Piston class in the GP's and MFTA its only NEFTA that class them with the PCP
AA TX 200 ... various guises
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