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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
An SR is not a true springer Dave...and you know it. If you were to use it at a GP for instance, you would be in the same class as PCP unless you locked the sledge up of course. Now get yourself a proper springer then come back to us real spring gun shooters with your best groups.

Best I had with the TX is around 25mm at 55yds on a calm day.
I had a group last year of 20mm with 97K V-Mach, but not been able to repeat it since.
I will do some tests with all 3 springers when the weather settles.

Enjoy your...... not real springer.

Absolute tosh neil ,a SR is as much a springer and anything out there . it is just that the recoil goes backwards as it should . watching rob's springer sunday , all it did when firing was twitch slightly . by the time you have changed the spring , shortened the stroke , lighten the piston , put a blooming great stock on it and so on . what you have is a heavy PCP . if all the spring gun boys shot a PRODUCTION rifle . then that would be another matter . now the SR is as it came out of the factory . So let the SRs into spring gun grade i say ??? HOLLY

PS i put the reason that you do not see any SRs in comps down to the fact that they are not seen as a springer .
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