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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Nobody like's AT but why are some people so obessed, i know some have an agenda because things didn't go thier way when AT was suggested

To be honest Pete, I suspect AT isn't going to go away. Maybe Steyrs re-engineering job on their rifles will impress the other manufacturers and they'll try something similar but maybe it won't and they won't.

Frankly, I'm pretty much done with AT. All my rant on AGF did was give various people an excuse to ban me from their domains and bring me grief. I'm past caring about AT now.

I've got an nice Pro-Target that shows up my lack of shooting skill so until I get good enough to not entirely disgrace it I won't be buying another rifle. When I do I'll save up and buy a Steyr (and shoot that poorly too!)

See? Even I get bored of arguing the toss eventually!
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