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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
The gentleman who told me this is no longer with us and I do believe he was not one to tell porkys I guess you have got factual information otherwise, as for the bit about airarms and others only putting anti tamper on so they can charge, about 400 for a s400 with 1 hour build time or 150 to put a gun right that may take all day to repair and test unless there is a airarms employee on here to tell me different reference build and repair time
I presume you are referring to Bill Sanders, if not I apologise. The Home Office reply was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act so someone is telling "Porkies".

Did he also explain that the AA rifles supplied with barrels shorter than 30cm become Section 5 if they drift over power ?

The real reason for AT is that the legislation says that an airgun (rifle) should not be "Capable" of more than 12FPE. The truth is they all are. AT is just AMTA's way of trying to duck the problem, whilst putting the onus squarely on the customer who now is unable to comply with the law. Most AT is easily bypassed so in reality is only an attempt to cover the manufacturers backsides with little regard for their customers

There are problems with the legislation (as written) that AMTA should be addressing with the Home Office instead of the crap they are pushing at us.
Unfortunately we cannot rely on magazines to represent our concerns as they are in bed with AMTA anyway.

I am more than happy to discuss this problem of AT with any representative of the Magazines or AMTA but expect that they would not dare to take me up on it.


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