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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
What I am familiar with is that the above statement is totally untrue. I would love you to inform me where it came from.

What is true is that the FCC (Firearms Consultative Committee) set up a "Working Group" in 2003 to look at AT.
That working group were not members of the FCC.
When the FCC was disbanded in Jan 2004 that group from AMTA kept working independently, the only part of the FCC to do so.

Unfortunately when the Home Office was asked did they insist/threaten etc any manufacturer about the fitting of AT they said categorically that they did not. Just think, a Government Department setting up a system where a person could not comply with the law

Anyway if it was a "Home Office" requirement how come there is none fitted to Steyr, Walther, FWB or Anshutz.


As a further thought. Tony Belas of Daystate did make a statement that if anyone wanted a rifle from Daystate without AT fitted then they could order such a rifle. Funny that !
The gentleman who told me this is no longer with us and I do believe he was not one to tell porkys I guess you have got factual information otherwise, as for the bit about airarms and others only putting anti tamper on so they can charge, about 400 for a s400 with 1 hour build time or 150 to put a gun right that may take all day to repair and test unless there is a airarms employee on here to tell me different reference build and repair time
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