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Default Missing Scores

If anyone knows the missing score for ryan thone and A.Higgins and which club Mr/Mrs Higgins belongs to?

My initial thaught were the top 1o Wafta shooters would have claimed the unofficial Swefta V wafta title. But, it seems as if Swefta took it by 10 targets? All a bit of fun!

Avon hawks 23.3.2014

Jack Harris B/Gwent 34
Jason davies Tondu 33
Peter Jacob Tondu 33
EVANS, Simon Avon hawks 31
MANLEY, Ken South Devon 29
CLARKE, Tim East Devon 27
FOURACRES, Tony East Devon 27
Craig Corbett Quarry 26
BURNHAM, Alan East Devon 25
NASH, Dave East Devon 25
SMITH, Barry South Dorset 25
STAMP, Jeremy East Devon 25
Doz Nelson 24
Richard Beaugie Quarry 24
SHEPARD, Mark Avon Hawks 24
SMITH, Amanda South Dorset 24
HARTNOLL, Bill Shebbear 23
Gary Williams Nelson 22
WILLIAMS, Andy East Devon 22
PALMER, Nigel North Petherwin 21
BEER, Roger South Devon 20
Paul davies Tondu 20
SALMON, Paul South Devon 20
SHUTTLEWOOD, Gary D'moor Marksmen 19
HARDING, Russ Buckely Wood 18
John Parry Nelson 18
ROWE, Alf North Petherwin 18
Steve Rossier Blaina Gwent 18
Tosh Crocker Oaktree 18
TUCKER, G Buckley Wood 18
CRABB, Tony Buckleywood 17
TIPPING, Simon Avon Hawks 17
MARRIOT, Cat South Devon 16
COOLING, Dave South Dorset 15
D.Hudson ??????? 14
DAVIS, Neil Avon Hawks 14
FOWLER, Lee East Devon 13
DEAL, Jamie Avon Hawks 12
MEATYARD, Rob D'moor Marksmen 12
NOYCE, Graham North Petherwin 12
HULAK, Malcolm Mendip 11
WALL, Alan East Devon 10
WALTON, Nick East Devon 10
WATTS, Mike Mendip 1
Ryan Thorne Nelson ???
A.Higgins ???? ???
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