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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Really don't want another ban this ban that thread ...

... but what slings are legal in FT?

Is it just carrying slings ( attached front and rear of rifle ) ... or can you use target design slings that loop above bicep and attach to a handstop etc? Can the bicep sling be attached to jacket via a small loop etc?
If you use the target type sling then you have to remove it from the arm and let it dangle. You cannot detach it from the rifle (e.g. the normal handstop quick release) as the rules say nothing can be added or removed from the rifle during the course of shooting (doesn't apply to pellets or compressed/decompressed air of course!).

Kind of a petty rule IMHO but while using a target sling can be a huge help it can also be a major impairment as target elevations change so much. Utterly horrible to have that heavy sling flapping about the front of the stock.

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