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Default Dilemma, dilemma!


Had the same dilemma a couple of weeks ago after my MK1 Nikko went belly up. Thought about if for a week and shortlisted the Loopy, the Sightron and March. The MK3's that I tried were not great, there is quite a significant quality range with them, some are excellent and some are not so good it appears, and even my second MK1 is not as good as the one that died. If it hadn't died I wouldn't have considered a change as it worked fine.

Thought long and hard but in the end went for a Leupold (should arrive next week), discounted March due to the cost and the fact that I'm really not that good, but my final decision was based on the following considerations;

My natural zero is pretty good, when I put my eye to the scope the cross hair is immediately on the face plate 90% of the time at 35 mag and not far off for the other 10%. The narrow FOV doesn't concern me too much apart from the odd stupid target at the top of a tree where there are 3 identical trees on either side and you pick the wrong tree and spend 90 seconds trying to find a target that isn't there. 10 mag is very useful in these situations!

I acquire at 35, range at 50 and shoot all targets at 35mag so a fixed 40 isn't too much of a stretch. The lighter weight and lower COG may counteract the increased mag induced wobble on standers.

I also have a couple of Bushnell 4200's, a 6-24 and 8-32 and with the 6-24 I can range with acceptable accuracy, obviously the 8-32 is much better. Years of using manual focus camera's has trained my eye to find focus so a snappy scope isn't a prerequisite for me. The 4200 can be very vague unless you have good eyes (+- 10 yards on long ones is an easy error at 24x if you are sloppy or can't find something with high contrast to focus on) so the Leupold focus technique doesn't scare me. It can't be any more difficult than my 6-24 (or can it???)

If any of these factors were a concern I would have purchased something else based on the advice I received, probably a Sightron, but I fully expect a bit of a learning curve. I tend to persevere so I'll keep at it until I crack it.

I'll find out in a week or so if I made the right choice!

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