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Default 40 comp

If you have a good MK3 nikko then why swap.
The comp's are fantastic optics but they do take time. The 45 i would say is the snappier ranger between the two but the 40 will be a bit more forgiving on target aquesition.
Pro's and con's
The sightron will have various aim points the leup a fixed dot as standard so you need to allow for reticle change,an 8 yard target is about 2 1/2 full turret turns on a leup.
When i first had my 45 i found i took a while to find a target the 40's are slightly better,if you line up the top turret with your flip up on the target it's easier.
To give you some idea of field of view if you shoot the sillies you can only see one target at a time,you will literally have to count your chickens.
Apart from John Costello who has done any good with a Sightron?
With the leup comp's the list is endless,the only real benofit for me over a nikko would be weight ,the leup's are much lighter.
Before you spend money getting what the top boy's have ,try them on a coarse against the clock.
Comp 40 for me is a brilliant scope but they do take time as Neil said at least one season in all conditions.
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